Frozen By The Sun Book

Book structure

The book is divided into seven chapters, which follow the story of Rea as she leaves the Elf kingdom and learns about humans. The first six chapters cover a period of approximately 300 years, during which Rea and her friends help bring about a change in the world. They abandon old superstitions, start believing in themselves, and adopt a respect for private property and voluntary, peaceful exchange. These changes allow civilization to progress and even offer hope for the future of the human race. Check out the lore page for more detailed description of the world.

However, the seventh chapter presents a different perspective, told from the point of view of an unknown but powerful foe who becomes disgusted with humans and their harmful actions against them and nature. In the end, they decide that humans will never change, and they must be eliminated. The elves are just as guilty as humans in the eyes of this foe.

The book ends and the game begins, as the foe decides to get rid of all humans and elves. Can Rea and her friends become strong enough to survive and stop the almost inevitable Armageddon? Only time will tell.

In addition to the main chapters, the book includes several appendices that provide factual information about the history, magic, alchemy, and important places and people in the world. These appendices may be updated and expanded even after the book is released. It is important to define the rules of the world as accurately and strictly as possible in order to guide the evolution of the story, which will be handled by an artificial intelligence.


The style of the book will be a balance between appealing to the reader and being suitable for the artificial intelligence (AI) learning process. For example, all dialogues must be in the form of direct speech, with a clearly designated speaker. All locations mentioned in the book must be explicitly identified. Additionally, the motivations and emotional states of characters will be clearly stated throughout the book.

During the editing process, we will highlight any sentences that were included solely for the benefit of the AI, and the ebook version will give readers the option to hide these sentences if desired. However, please note that the primary purpose of the book is to train the AI, so it will take priority over artistic considerations. Despite this, the AI is already quite advanced, so the book should still be an enjoyable and easy read.

We did consider creating two versions of the book, but ultimately decided against it as it seemed like an unnecessary expenditure of resources that could be better used to improve other aspects of the game, such as graphics or gameplay. The game is the main focus of this project, after all. If our fundraising goal is greatly exceeded, we may hire a dedicated editor specifically for the book.

FROZEN BY THE SUN - Single player story-rich AI generated game

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