Concept art

Our goal and also a challenge was to create “good enough” concept art, that can be further used during the development and also presented to the audience. It we were able to do that, it would mean the Age of AI is truly here. One of the conditions was that no human post-processing was allowed. All pictures presented here are the work of an AI. It took thousands of queries, but we are quite satisfied with the results. Check them for yourself.

There are several categories: characters, environment, and other


There are several important characters in the book. Since the book was written, the challenge was getting character images that are as close to the description in the book as possible. We were successful and when you get a chance to finally read the book, you will probably agree with us. On top of that, most pictures are gorgeous.


The book and the game cover the whole continent, so there are a lot of different locations. With some, we went for a typical late medieval European look. Some others are more exotic, at least to us. In the game, you will visit port cities, hot springs in the mountains, small villages, travel across the sea, visit canyons, deserts, small islands, frozen planes of the deep South. We tried everything.


There are some events in the book that we tried to get into picture forms. That has proven to be quite hard because complex contexts still elude todays AIs. In the end, we got pictures that can be used by our artists as a reference during the development. It probably won’t tell you much without reading the book first, but we like the pictures anyway. You may too.

FROZEN BY THE SUN - Single player story-rich AI generated game

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